What kind of memory loss?

I keep hearing people talk about memory loss. Is this short term memory usually? Is long term memory often affected?

liam, i didnt know you lost complete memory, wow, i was sorry to read that, happy things are much better,caroline

For me, my short-term memory was affected. I have little or no recollection of my hospital stay. both due to the AVM bleed and heavy medications. I had a very difficult time with short term memory after I went back to work. I learned to carry a small notebook or dictaphone in my purse to jot down notes to myself. I still have some short term memory problems, but they have greatly improved since my illness. Hope this info encourages you a bit!

Hi, Dianne. I have been experiencint short term memory loss. It happens a lot and is very frustrating. I have to write myself a lot of notes.