What kind of OTC medication is OK

I am coming down with a cold and have forgotten what type of stuff is okay for people with avm’s to take. Any suggestions?

Honestly…I have never been told that there are certain medications for colds that you cant take…so this is a new one for me.

Cool…I thought that I wasn’t supposed to take certain things because it would make a bleed worse. Maybe I’m just supposed to avoid aspirin.

Well…just because I have not herd anything about there being certain cold medications that patients (who have or had AVM’s) should not take…doesn’t mean that there isnt it. That is just to my knowledge…but just to be safe I would either talk with a doctor or a RX if your concerned about any of the meds out there. And if you find that there are certain meds we should not be taking to help with colds, let us know.

Dianne Tinman said:

Cool…I thought that I wasn’t supposed to take certain things because it would make a bleed worse. Maybe I’m just supposed to avoid aspirin.

Hi Dianne
I’m sure i read somewhere on here a while ago that no nasal sprays should be used. Brittany is right, ask the doc to be sure.

I do know that certain nasal sprays are ok…i was on a nasal spray that was a hormone to treat my headaches. It was called Dihydroergadomine…and I was on in for a while…but it made me really sick. lol…awful stuff. But of course my doctors seem to NOT even be worried about me taking aspirins or anti-inflammatory so I have no idea. And I have even had two hemorrhages before my avm was removed…lol…should I be looking for another doctor. hahah

I had thought Tylenol products were okay BUT ask the pharmacist if anything can interfere with the medications that you are taking now! I find out pharmacists extremely knowledgeable whenever I have a question and I usually check with them about everything.

Hello Dianne. Call your physician and ask your pharmacist. Any OTC cold/sinus product can interact with any/all meds you might be on. As for aspirin, it is a miracle drug but can make us all bleed more easily-with or without avms and other meds. Please let us know what comes of your inquiry. Sorry about the possible “cold”…always comes round party time, yes???

I can’t take anti-inflammatorys any more, I found this out the hard way after a Grand Mal siezure and over night hospital stay!
Don’t know about any others, suggest you ask the chemist, they should know

Agree with Marianne and Diane. My neurosurgeon didn’t say anything was off limits, other people’s neuro’s did. Best to just ask your doctor. No need to make an appointment, just call and have the nurse relay the question.

The only thing I was told was to stay away from aspirin or apirin like products because of the AVM. Other medications they prefer me not to take is anything with anehestiimines (not sure of spelling) only because of my seizures. Some over the counter medications can lower your threshold for seizure. One Pharmiscist told me Robutussin (plain) is probably the best thing for me to take when I am sick. It will take longer to recovery but felt is was safer. There are times (espcecially when my allergeries are bad) that I break the rules. The past two weeks have been bad and I have been taking over the counter allergy medicines around the clock. The one advantage I have though is I do not drive or have to go out due to mutlitple problems I have and usual have to rest alot during the day.

Denise you were looking for this