When did your AVM bleed?

Hi everyone!
Can I ask when everyone had their initial bleed? Mine was the morning of my last fall semester final, of Sophomore year in college. I had also recently gone through a tough break-up with a guy I was dating pretty seriously. I asked my dr at the time if the stress may have caused the bleed. He said it was not related at all. I'm just wondering what everyone here has to say about that...

my son started bleeding when he was 6, he is now 10 and is still bleeding, seems to be getting worse, more blood loss, harder to stop once it starts...

I was eating lunch at work.

I was very stressed prior to my bleed and i think in my opinion it is related....God bless

I was getting ready to go to my daughter's soccer tournament on a Saturday morning. I wasn't necessarily stressed that day. I was working in a pretty stressful environment at the time though. I wouldn't be surprised if stress has an impact on bleeds.

I was 27 and was 13 weeks pregnant when I had my bleed. When I consider everything going on at the time, or shortly before, I think it's safe to assume that stress played a part in it. I don't think any doctor could say whether or not stress plays a part, people stress over different things on different levels.

Hi Birdie. My bleed happened August 28, 2008, the day after my Fall semester in College stated. My boyfriend and I broke up just before that time, and I was quite worrisome since my youngest brother was in the hospital at that time. Sometimes I think that stress may have plated a part in the rupture. You never know.

How are you feeling?

My first and only VERIFIED bleed was in 1975, in the morning (when BP is high) while (excuse me) I was having sex (also raises BP). It was misdiagnosed as a berry aneurysm, a fluke, probably never happen again. I know with all my heart NOW that I bled again 11-11-09. But it is not confirmed with a doc. I was diagnosed January 2011.

My AVF bled when I went shopping with my daughter to get her ready for her summer abroad program with U of Missouri. She was scheduled to fly out the next morning. I felt calm but as looking back I think i was stressed. I had been to the Dr a week before and he said my blood pressure was high. Usually, my blood pressure is low. So I don’t know if it was high because the AVF was about to blow or if the high BP caused the AVF to blow. I am 52 years old so I think I was lucky it didn’t blow before then. In any case, it picked the worst possible time to bleed but I guess there is never a good time. I am lucky to have lived through the bleed and the subsequent stroke.

I think that stress could be part of it for some people... Nea's blood pressure was way high the week preceeding her bleed. If stress raised your BP, perhaps it was a contributing factor.

My AVM bled Feb 2011, I was enrolled in a top 5 engineering shool getting a dual degree: a PhD in Computer Architecture and an MBA. I have since dropped the PhD (just too much with everything going on) and completed the MBA. Having said that, I guess that yeah, I was a little stressed, but not any more stressed than I've been through college, etc. So even though I was stressed, it was not a new thing and thus I don't think it had anything to do with my bleed.