Where is liam?

LIAM, where did you go?

I am very concerned. Please someone help us all,… what is going on… Where is Liam???

health or personal?

Please come back Liam we love you!

what will it take to bring him back? just name it!

I’ll cry! If thats what it takes I’ll cry, or I can beg him :slight_smile:

I just hope this DID NOT have to do with the message I got…or somebody’s account will go “bye-bye”

Regis G. Deglans

Lets ALL email or pm liam him and tell him to come back we miss him?

Come back, Liam…we need you!!!

Love, Connie

I echo Savinder…

Dear Friends,
I have not heard from Liam, but I did send him an email and let him know about all of your posts, and how much we miss him.

Lets leave msg for him to read when he comes back!!!

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I sent him an email and I will every day until he comes back or blocks me


This is sad guys!!! I just got off msn with Liam…he say he’s not coming back…awwwwwww…this is not right…wats tis about!!!

Liam, Please come back, you have been my rock and for many others, You make a huge difference in al of us!! Caroline

What have I missed? Where has Liam gone??
Surely this is not because of those nasty messages some days back??
Liam, come back!
Does anyone have his postal address?

Aw, I joined only recently but Liam was great and I miss him too! =(

Does anyone know why Liam left, im am very very concerned .

I’ve just logged onb as been babysittin all weekend, what the f**k has happened, no way has this better have something to do with that little so and so. TIGER GET BACK ON HERE xxxx

I leave for a few days and come home to find you gone! I pray you are ok, and feeling all of our love through these messages. We all truly love and respect you! You have been a blessing for me as I’m sure I speak for all. Your advise and loving wisdom has helped me more than you will ever know. I respect your decisions for what ever you decide to do. But Please Know YOU ARE LOVED AND MISSED SO VERY MUCH. SENDING A BIG HUG TO YOU…
also send Angel light and love to surround you …d