White spots?

Ok so I go to my dr. after having my MRI/MRA and apparantly there is a white spot on my brain…going for more tests…anyone else experience this. I know I have to be patient but since we all “get this” I wanted to know if you had this. I have bee havig double vision as well as left sided weakness. Not that you will dx me but more for comofrt. Please keep me in prayer. xoxo Mare

Yikes…you were just bumped up on my prayer list!

Always have you on my prayer list, Mare…will keep praying for you!

I had a white spot years ago, they told me it was ischemia and said that was why my left side was sometimes weak and sometimes I can walk alright. But honestly, I don’t know if they always know what they are looking at. they told me I had a huge bleed in my head, and then said I didn’t it was a build up of fluid due to the AVM, so the first dr. reads it wrong and it turns into a huge mess. Not to worry until they tell you something more and then get other opinions

Mare, so good to see you on here; it has been a while. So sorry that you are having trouble…I hope ‘they’ can get to the reason of the spots. Take care my friend, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Lesley.xxxx