Who Is In Canada?

We no longer have a Canadian group, but I’m glad to see some of our Canadian members chiming in.

Seenie from Moderator Support

Yes, we do… http://www.avmsurvivors.org/c/regional-groups/canada-avm-survivors

Can we have a Canadian group again (please)? I would love to meet some people in my own country! Wait, according to another moderator, we do have a Canadian group…?


I know @JD12 and @ebAVM are in Canada. Indeed, there are quite a few Canadians. You can all feel free to collaborate in the Canadian group.

I’ll split this set of posts off… not very relevant to which hospital to choose…



In Toronto, suffering from Spinal AVM since 2012, would love to hear from people of my communities.

I’m here in bc . Had a avm in frontal lobe. It was taken out. Now I find out I have some brain damage. Looking to talk to peolpe that have figured out how to deal with this.

Enrique here!

Living in Barrie, Ontario, 33 years in Canada

80 years old, and still working as Spanish Translator and court interpreter.

Working keeps me mentally active and very busy lately with immigrants in needing help in many ways.

I live in Gatineau (Quebec) near Ottawa. My spinal AVM was discovered in October 2020 and I had a surgery+embolization a few days later (emergency procedure).