Who's met who? Post your pics!

I just got back from my latest trip to Denver and met up with Jody, Aire, & Denny. I know I have read some other pages, and seen some pics floating around somewhere…

But, I thought it would be nice to have a central spot to post up pics of those wonderful times when our AVM family is able to meet up in person.

Here is a pic of Josh (hubby) me, my friend Cyndi, Jodie, Arie, and Denny on 1/07/08. We stopped by Swedish to see Cyndi, and then went out to dinner.

Shalon it must be great to meet and inperson with other people with AVM’S. So far I haven’t found anyone in Maryland , however LeeAnn is close , we may meet , and we can share pictures with you !

I’ve met Pat/Brittney at the hospital (Pat has a picture), and Nora Nichols & Charlie Nichols (I think I have a picture). I have a picture on my other computer.

I’ll be catching up with Omzie at some point when she is feeling better :slight_smile:

Another trip, and some more hook ups!

We met Allison (VM in her calf) and Sharon (VM in her face) during the 2/5 trip to Denver! And or course we got some “glamour shots” with our fashionable hospital gowns!

We had a Tea Party with Camellia a few weekends ago! What fun that was. She was just a bubbly little girl with her bubble gum tea (seriously it was made with bubble gum!) and you would never have known that just a little over a week before that she had been having a rough time in the hospital in Denver!

A pic with me, Camellia, and big sister Serene. And another with Margie, Camellia, Hudson the dog, me, Serene, and my Joshua! It was a fun day!