Whose AVM is removed by Dr.Spetzler?

I am thinking about a new scenario:
To take my son to Barrow Neurological Institute(Arizona/Phoenix) for open surgery by Dr.Spetzler(After Embolization in France).
It is highly appreciated if I have the date(year)and the result of surgery of the people in this site who have been operated by Dr.Spetzler.
If he hasn’t operated yourself, you might know the other people who have been treated by Dr.Spetzler.Please let me know the date and result of their operation.

There is a web site called http://www.irsa.org . I found an article that mention Doctor Spetzler. You might check it out it is listed under Publications and it is volume 8. his pictture is in there. The site offer a lot of information on avm and treatments and it also has a chat room “Brain Talk”.

Have a good day

Hi , I had my AVM removed by Dr. Spetzler in Sept. of last year! I truly believe he and his team are the best in his field. It takes time to get into to him and hope you have good insurance however he has been on the fore front of AVM surgeries. He wrote the scale on how to measure AVM called “THE SPETZlER” scale. I had both the embolization and the craniotomy, within two days of each other. He put me in a drug induced coma for a few day to prevent any movement. That was scary, but here I sit typing away 9 months later. My scare looks great . Long hair covered it up. Spetzler hold himself with confidence and in doing so he game me confidence! I think he is the greatest. He does all the newest advanced surgery out there. I feel very lucky and thankful that he was my surgeon. His address is on my page. If I can help in any way please let me know!
Sending Angel light and love…d
PS. I would take my child to him that is how great he is, i would only go to him. God Bless…take your son.