Will I be able to play contact sport again?

hiya guys Im still undergoing rehab with trying to get running again? so just wondering iff I do get running again soon would I be able to play contact sport again or to play as a goalkeeper in football like I did when I played football before I had the AVM??? Comments on letting me no would be great thanks x

Hello Jason.
This is going to be some thing your doctor’s will fig out over the long run. For right now just take this on and get your self walking. Once your back on the move meet with your doctors and family and fig out what door are open.

You will do great.
Daniel Sadler

cheers for the advice mate x


My husband (Rick) had a bleed out in April and he is asking a similar question. Rick has been a power lifter for over 30 years, lifting very heavy weights and competing. Rick’s hemorrhage was on April 17th and at this point doctors are saying no weight lifting, this has been very hard for him. He is still in outpatient rehab and he and yourself will have to wait and see about what the doctors recommend. His physical therapist keeps saying because it was an AVM and not a stroke, she thinks he will be able to resume his weight lifting, though we will have to wait and see.
Keep working hard in your rehab Jason!
Good luck to you!
Lisa Camp

thank you Lisa xxx

Hi Jason. My friend…
Had a similar question…you may wish to contact him.

thank you x

i played 11 a side football (soccer as u lot call it lol) for 5 years after my second bleed; had to give up that from vision probs, but i still play 5 a side. I know play loads of tennis, badminton, table tennis, swimming and the gym every night. My right side is week but its not a problem. I would never give up sport.

cheers for the advice mate x

This all depends on your doctor’s advice. Alberto contador had a brain bleed and he continues to compete in cycling. Best wishes and prayers.

cheers love xxx