Wish You All a nice Summertime :)

Have not been in here much lately, partly because I have had no progress at all in my avm life and therefore has had nothing new to add in here (apart from my regular updates in my profil)
The last two years I have been waiting for the next steps whatever that would be.
I have been putting a lot of energy into getting further treatments and more rehab...
This summer I have come to face and realize that nothing more is going to happen in the way of treatment or rehab.
So, now I have to learn how to live with that in mind,
in addition to my avm.
...but, summertime has arrived over here, sun is shining + it is really hot and beautiful outside.
Fantastic sunsets over Oslofjord, smell of sjasmin.
I am trying to swim at least 4 km a week and have been walking a lot in the fantastic woods just next door,
even been walking "without" my crutches.
-It has to be a combination of fresh air, the sight of wild flowers, the small birds singing and the freedom feeling in the woods on the challenging paths, which has given me the extra burst of energy, so needed!
Wish you all a nice summertime:)
Love and positive thoughts from Hanne xxx

I wish you all the best. The coming of spring seems to do some “rearranging”. I too live right next door to a very large (1000 acres) park. It calls me all the time so I put my brace on, hook up the puppy (big now) and away we go hiking the trails. It kills my legs too but it does so much posite to my soul and the trail of my thoughts that it is very worth it.“Rizz” and I have a lot of great conversations and he says that to him I am perfect inside and out.

I wish you a wonderful summer (and more). Putting a smile in your heart and soul does make a difference.


I agree that nothing more is going to happne in the way of treatment or rehab. And you got moving! Congratulations on your swimming and walking and enjoying the woods.

Hanne, my sweet sister - bring on the summer I say! Our winter has been rather wet and cool, to the extent our visiting Scandinavian students are complaining cos they are missing summer back home. Really proud of you Hanne. Keep up that walking lady. Forever indebted to you. Tony