Worried about painkillers

Because of my headaches, I have been getting 5mg percosets from my general practitioner. I suppose I am just worried that I will grow too dependent on them. Does anybody know if perhaps my headaches will abate after my cyberknife treatment?

Hi Dianne
I didn’t have Cyberknife, i had embolisation but i know when i came out of hospital for about 7/8 weeks i was swallowing pain killers like sweeties
I had all these different people bringing me them and not telling any of them that i was getting more painkillers from others. But it did stop as the headaches got less severe then they did stop and i put all my stash in the bin, stay well

Who knows I have not really had any headaches except when it bled. eeeehhhh!!! That is just I though…

I’ve been on painkillers for almosr two years. I didn’t want to take them because I was worried about addiction, but my doctor said that being in that awful pain was bad for me too. He said we could always deal with any addiction problems when I’m cured. I take 180 mg of Avinza each day juat trying to prevent headaches, then tak hydromorphone to ease breakthrough pain. I have not had cyberknife treatment though, I had proton beam treatment. It hasn’t worked yet.

Hey Dianne,

I was on phenobarbetal when it first bled when I was 11-14. And then I was off of it.

Hi Dianne
I have been taking pain killers on and off for many years. When I am not taking the stronger ones I take an average of 6 Tylenol and 2 Aleve a day which is not good either. I had both embolization and radiation treatments done over the past four years. I still have problems with headaches. There is always a chance of addiction. The one thing I did find for myself when I was on them for a long period of time it caused rebound headaches. Tylenol and Aleve can also do this but it is hard not taking something when you are in pain. My doctor has been trying different types of rountine medications taken every day that helps with headaches. One combination that did work for me was Elavil and Verapamil for years until I started having seizures. Elavil lowers the threshold for seizures so I had to stop. There are also seizure mediation that actually help with headaches.

Hello Dianne