Written confirmation

I’ve about accepted the AVM & started to work it into my sense of my body, even beginning to get a strange sense that my right hemisphere feels odd, wrong, slightly shrunken. I’ve been a little bit paranoid about even which side to sleep on. Silly things.

Now… who designs scan viewing software so that, in cross-section, the view is from body-to-crown so that the right hemisphere is on the left side, and left hemisphere on the right?! Someone very successful, apparently! All this time, after all that projection of the discomfort & alienness onto the right side on my head, I was wrong! I had to laugh.
It’s left sided - I read my scan upside-down. I feel relatively very positive, as I see my consultant has graded me as Spetzler-Martin I. This is a relief. I’m tempted (perhaps a bit hastily) to think of myself as in the lower-leagues of AVM world.

I have a bad cold now, and the constant sneezes were quite difficult to relax about.

I hope that you are well!

Dominic , I thank you for the smile on my face ! I am glad you found a laugh in this . No worries about your knowledge of reading the scans as long as your physicians do so properly . The viewings have confused many …
Sorry about the sneezes , have some chicken soup and make yourself well .

I too have to laugh. When I first found out about my avm I was afraid to sleep on the side of the avm…Funny I still don’t.I’m sure it don’t matter : bet we are not the only ones !

Hi Dominic, I’ve just read a little about you and I wonder did you take my place for Radiosurgery as I had to cancel mine in June due to another complication! I’m still between deciding on a craniotomy or my first choice of radiosurgery, I hope you are well and the procedure went well, maybe you can tell me more about it! I also saw Radatz and thought he was great.