Are You Willing to Help Moderate?


I’m so glad to see the site fulfilling its mission - ensuring no one ever has to deal with an AVM alone. Ever again.

If you are willing to help with the following two things:

  1. Welcome new members
  2. Spread the word online

…please reply here. I’m looking for several moderators to continue what you’ve already been doing, making this community feel like family. The more the merrier, by the way.


Hi, Ben. I try to greet all newcomers. I don’t always get on here every day, but I usually check in seveeral times a week. I always make it a point to see if we ave any new members. Would you please tell me what else is involved?

I just joined yesterday and have been welcomed to the family with open arms. I would love to be involved in anyway possible . Let me know .

Count on me Ben, I’ve not been on it so much cause i killed my laptop by kicking it off the chair but i’m back up and running and ready for your command ‘Oh Great One’

Be happy to help…just let me know.

Thanks, all, for volunteering to help. When new members arrive, please welcome them and ask if they have any questions. And post our link wherever you think is relevant (bulletin boards, blogs, etc).

YOUR humble servant,
Ben :slight_smile:

hi ben, im so glad to see this site. i had an avm removed on 19th june 2004. at that time there were not many support groups around (or maybe i was to scared to look it up) NOW I AM A SURVIVOR i cant imagine anyone being alone.

i will check this site everyday and will welcome anyone who needs to be welcomed and more.


Sorry, what’s a rota? No real need for “moderation” - we are not debating religion or politics here. You’re right - maybe a different word is better.

Liam said:

What is really needed is more a rota. I am on here for many hours every day, well I don’t have much else to do. We need to have people willing to hang around incase others need a chat or a shoulder to lean on. A moderator is not really necessary, more a welcome party is what is needed.

Hey Ben… I post the link everywhere I can. Seriously! I have both AVM and Arteriovenous Malformation Google blog searches on my iGoogle page and try to add notes to anything new I find. Everyone who emails me from my website gets a “check out the AVM SN” reply also.

I’m all over the “spreading the word” task. In fact, I had just added it as a posted item on my FB profile before jumping over here!

:slight_smile: Shalon

Thanks, Shalon. I will do the same. :slight_smile: