Can you feel where your lung was coiled?

I had my PAVM coiled in 09 and to this day I can still feel it sometimes when its cold, if I take a deep breath or just because, do any of you PAVM survivors have this problem?

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I can to. Do you get short of breath still? I get tired really quickly, and find it hard to breathe in hot weather...i am 30 years old and have had 3 do you feel?


I a new to this site but I had an embolization 2 years ago , I never realised how unwell I felt till I had it done. However I still get tired easily but my breathing is fine now. I am 50 soon but spent years having a bad chest every winter. This last winter I only had antibiotics once a record for me. My biggest fear now is flying , i wonder if you have flown recently did if affect you.


I got mine PAVM coild June 13th, feel no difference.

I have the same symptoms as you. Can’t catch my breath and feel even more tired after embolization. It’s only been a months though.