Cavernous malformations

So I had surgery to remove a plum sized AVM from deep in the cerebellum when I was 15.( a long time ago). I had a MRI last Thursday and found an innumerable number of Cms with an innumerable number of old bleeds. For the last few months I have found myself losing my train of thought, and forgetting a lot of things. It is very frustrating as I have yet to actually talk face to face with the neurologist. (That’s the end of this month). I’m just not sure where to go from here, or what my options are.

What are cavernous mals?

A CCM consists of a tangle of capillaries (the small blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood deep into the brain) in which the vessel walls are thinner and less elastic than normal, and more prone to leaking. That leakage can create small “caverns” of blood within the brain.
So they are different than an AVM.