Drinking alcohol

So, has anyone's physician cautioned them against drinking alcohol while having an active AVM? I do not want to give up drinking but I know alcohol stiffens the blood vessels increasing the risk of ruptures.

Alcohol also lowers your brain’s resistance to seizures. Just a thought!

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So is this a don't drink alcohol message, as all my husband has seen is our own doctor no specialist as yet and haven't got a clue what we are doing !

It is just my personal opinion it is not worth the risk. I had a bleed and I can tell you…it’s not fun. Neither are having seizures. There will be plenty of time later to have a glass of cheer. Can I interest anyone in a cup of hot chococlate?

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LOL okay well hot chocolate would be great but I am allergic to chocolate:(
It is not recommended to drink but it is just one guilty pleasure I do not want to give up. Amanda, you and your husband should go and see a neurologist or a neurosurgeon to discuss risks and have him/her answer any questions that you may have. Sorry, I am not advocating alcohol use; however, I was just wanting to see what other peoples' physicians have said.

I was warned against alcohol. My doctor told me if I wanted to have a glass of wine now and again I would "probably" be fine. But for me knowing I could have a bleed or seizure is enough for me to give it up. I sounded like a whiney alcoholic the first few months because it was summer and someone was telling me I shouldn't have it. The truth was it was a social thing for me mostly and I didn't drink a lot before anyway, but I don't like being told what to do! I would definitely initiate a conversation with your doctor and see what is best for you. My opinion is that if it increases the chance even slightly that something bad might happen I can live without it. I was semi-joking with a friend that I am going to start drinking everything out of a martini glass just to feel like I still can. I hope you figure out what is best for you and are AVM free asap!

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I was advised by several docs to not consume alcohol so I stopped. It was hard at first and I would share a glass of wine at dinner with my wife a couple times a month. Now I do not drink alcohol at all and do not miss it. I still use my shot glasses though. I use them to measure out one ounce shots of fresh wheatgrass juice to go with my twice a day keppra "habit". lol

Hey just thought ide say im not aloud to drink alcohol but Im 21 on the 6th of January 2013 so im drinking then Im not bothered what any doctors say its up to me ill drink sensibly?xxx

Iwas told it would be ok to have a beer at times, but acohol highens the risk to get epileptical seizures. and alcohol also highens the bloodpressure and the bloodflow...so I didnt drink any alcohol after my AVM was found......

Thanks Guys thats really helpful, hopefully we will see consultant soon, they lost my husbands referal grgh... will discuss then, much love to you all x

I haven't yet been cautioned seeing as I was just diagnosed a month ago. However, I just recently finished college.... of course I did more than my fair share of drinking during that time. I still consider myself a beer connoisseur and enjoy a few beers fairly regularly.
Personally, I don't see myself stopping unless I'm told that there is a very high risk.

My avm is always on my mind of course... and I've been much more cautious when drinking since my diagnosis. Just waiting to find out my next step.

My surgeon didn't tell me not to drink at all. He said not to get falling down drunk because it could induce siezures.

(I've never had one.)

I rarely have more than one drink anyway, so it hasn't really affected my drinking habits. I did notice, however, that after my crani for aneurysm clippings that I am more sensitive to alcohol & sometimes my one drink becomes 1/2 to 3/4.

Hi Bubu80 - I used to be a pretty big boozer, but now I find that it's not worth having a drink or two b/c I need to pay extra attention to no-brainer things like walking - plus alcohol is worse than drinking water for my bladder =) I believe, though, if you're willing to battle it out, that you should try to do whatever you did before with limits; however, if it's a medical thing, maybe it's a good idea to find a substitute for now...maybe virgin drinks???

I no longer drink for other reasons, and it has been rare that I have been tempted to have one. When I encounter those times, I find something else to take my mind off the temptation. I honestly don't miss it much.

But whether or not to use alcohol is a personal decision and yours to make with weighing the additional risks that an AVM brings to the table against the pleasure of consuming alcohol brings.

Take care,

Hey Lizbot thank you for that as, stupidly I thought it would be best to suggest he didn't drink over Christmas, to which I can't reply what he said ! but the truth is, 1 I had no right to we haven't even seen any-one yet, and 2 its not like he even drinks that much may-be the odd glass of wine or beer over the week-end, this is huge for him and now I am trying to take that away from him when the odd beer or wine at this point probably isn't going to hurt, and actually is the one thing he looks forward to at the weekends at mo. I am just really scared for him. x

Hi Lizbot, I totally agree with you. I have not for one day put my life on hold for my AVM. I am cautious in that I do not do street drugs anymore but I believe in the saying "everything in moderation". I went for drinks with my friends last night and I do not regret it or feel as though I will suffer. I am not advocating for others to do as I do at all but for myself, I still need to do things that make me feel good.

I know my husband worries whenever I have a cocktail and I understand. I was cautioned about alcohol and smoking because my AVM is active however I have the occasional couple of beers and 1-2 smokes a month. I think it is healthier for me (mentally) to not feel totally at the mercy of the AVM and feel as though I have some control. It does take the edge off and that is important as well :)

Hi, I was never told not to drink and was a pretty big binge drinker and before my crani I had a shave party and had heaps to drink, maybe I have been very lucky. I have now been told not to drink because I am on anti seizure medication since I had my operation 6 months ago and the alcohol can stop the medication from working so I could have another seizure and I really don't want that to happen any more.
So talk to your doc or maybe just don't risk it, it sounds like most people were told not to drink so is it worth the risk.

best of luck

Kia Kaha