Drugs after Gamma Knife?

I hope this post finds all of you enjoying a wonderful day with family and friends,or just finding time for yourselves!! We have made it through IKE with no issues,just have winds and evacuee’s…Though we have many friends dealing with the end results of Ike in Houston/Galveston area.
On another note,Britt has started her first year of College,and learning how to become very independent.She is enjoying that part,I am not so sure I am though,LOL.Miss her sooooo much!!! Hard to let go of a child/adult now and that has to still deal with this AVM.She had a bad headache the other day when I talked to her,and was in bed with it.Makes me so frustrated!!!She will be having her 1st and hopefully only Gamma knife here in a few weeks.Does everyone have to be on some kind of medication after it??? I don’t look forward to that longggg day,but on the other hand am very thankful we have at least something we can do and that is the least advasive!!!The other two options were out because of the area in which it is in.High reality as the Nero-doctor says…
Best to all of you,keeping you all in our prayers!!! Pat and Brittany

Hi Pat for me there was no meds after Gamma for me I had it done this past January and so far,so good, I am on headache meds and they work great!! my new best friend…lol I think for some it can be different,but for me,none:)no meds at all,thank God

Hi, Pat. I was not on any medication. It’s very non-invasive. Consult your surgeon b/c you should be avoiding some kinds of over the counter medication.


Ben ,do you know what kinds of over the counter meds are not ok for brain avm, I was not told of any, thanks, Caroline

I keep my son away from ASA because it thins the blood and if there is a bleed it would take longer to stop it??
I’m sure there are drug interaction things to consider if you are on Dilantin or other anti-seizure meds?

Hi Caroline,Oh good,then maybe Britt won’t need any either…I was going to make a medical tag for her,and thought about listing meds,but she isn’t on anything yet.What is the headache med that you use? Britt has yet to find one that will work. Pat

Hi Ben, hmmm haven’t heard that one yet,so sure will!!! Thanks so much for the advice/info.It’s great to have so many wonderful people to reach out to. Pat

me too!!! LOL Pat

Hi Joy,yes I think there are some that should be avoided,but haven’t been told of any.I have also heard asprin is not good to take,though most don’t any more…I wonder if there is a general list anywhere or if it is what ever the doctor thinks…??? Pat

Hi Pat:

Its been awhile since Ive been on with so much going on. And I am grateful you sent me a note because I would like to be an encouragement to you if I can. Charlie had Gamma for his AVM last October '07 in Pittsburgh. And although there were doctors, more specifically, neuro-radiologists who do Gamma here, we were not comfortable because of the location of it. It sits on the surface of the pons (the top) part of his brainstem. In radiating that specific area, the reality is there is no room for error.
So my question to you is, who will be doing Britt’s Gamma here in Austin? Will it be or is it Dr. Neal Rutledge. He seems pretty down to earth. He did Charlie’s 1st angiogram which revealed the AVM. The other thing, is he also had a 15mm Chiari malformation which was subsequently treated with surgery and many of the symptoms have subsided. At the time they did Charlie’s Gamma treatment they gave him a dose of steroids to pre-empt any type of brain swelling after the fact. That was the only time he took meds for the treatment. He has not had anything since. Also, its been almost a year since his treatment and he’s preparing to go to Pittsburgh to have another MRI and have his 1st year Post Op progress checkup and his 3 month follow-up of his Chiari surgery. As for church, We attend Westover Hills Church of Christ. it’s across the street from Anderson High. I hope everything goes well with Britt and if you’d like I’d be more than happy to sit with you and pray and keep you company while she has her treatment wherever she goes to have here in Austin. So I’ll just wait to hear from you.
Godspeed, Nora

Hi Nora, Thank you so much for writing back so soon!!! I can only imagine how busy you must be.
With insurance we went with a doctor that was on the list…However,he seems to be a great doctor (Britt really likes him,because I told her I wanted to go to Dallas,but DR. wouldn’t go there,so we didn’t) and in reasearching him,have found only good.His speciality is AVM’s and he is in two locations,in RR and near Mopac.He works with St Davids hospital downtown where we had the angio last time.That hospital has just opened up a Gamma Knife maybe 6mos ago or so.I can only pray that they have their act together already and have not just put anyone into the field.They had it closed for a few weeks because they did not have the right nurse yet to fill in the job.Dr.Stanley Kim is his name and he works with a Dr.Patel both are nero. dr’s.
I think we would be so blessed to have you come and pray with us!!! To have also someone who has gone through all the emotions too,makes all the difference as well.You are truely a God send (Thanks Ben for mentioniong Nora lives in Austin :).) I will probably break down once again,but I know the Lord is good and he see’s us through…Know any good therapist in the area???
I will let you know asap when Britt makes the apt,and all…Going to be before Oct 31st for sure.Do you have a personal email to reach you at in case you don’t get to this one?? Mine is ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
Again thank you for your precious offer!!! Pat and Britt

Hi, Pat- I am glad you’re getting treatment- that’s a good thing.
I had radiosurgery/Gamma. I am taking a mild anti-seizure drug called Chlonazepam. The doctors were also worried about me being pre-hypertensive so I am on blood pressure meds because higher BP can be a risk factor in future bleeds. Everyone is different. There might be no need for meds at all.

Brian,hi,it is not me that is getting the gamma,but my daughter Brittany.Yes everyone is different,so are these AVM’s…I have heard now that steroids are given before? Have you had that also before the Gamma? All just a learning ordeal isn’t it…
I hope your doing better and one day will be able to not have to take any more drugs either…I love that word Obliterate,lol take care and thanks for letting me know how your doing also…pat