During Gamma Knife treatment?

Okay we have finally arrived for the day Brittany will get her Gamma Knife treatment…I am wondering for those that have gone through it,what is good to do while we wait,and wait,and wait??? They said it will be a longggg day,so I am not too sure what Britt will feel up to doing if anything? I know she will bring her lap top,and her music with her.She will have a angio and mri as well that day…Guess flat on your back,ya can’t do much anyways…I was happy on the tour yesturday,that they had a beautiful picture of a tree with lots of pretty blossoms on the ceiling over the area where the machine was.I told Britt she could count all the blossoms for me,LOL She did say she wanted to be a Astronaunt too,so here’s her chance!!!
What’s NOT fair,is that she gets to be on drugs,and we don’t…rude,LOL…
If you all can keep us in prayers and thoughts,we would love it!!! Here’s to a AVM Obliteration soon!!! Blessings to you all,Pat and Britt

Hi, Pat-
My partner brought his laptop, music and books. He also took walks while I slept. He said the time went by faster than he thought it would.

Thank you for the music advice…I would think the same cd over and over would get a bit much,lol bet ya know every word!!! Man you should have NOT moved,that doesn’t sound like a good idea at all…but I bet you couldn’t move too much,and if you did it would hurt.Ya know they were trying to aim perfect,silly…
Going to do the pinching then,make sure she can’t feel anything…i just know one day that they will come up with something (Maybe velcro would work,since we are doing space anyways,LOL) instead of the screws!!! Hmm gotta invent that one…
Thanks again!!! Pat

Ok so you slept more then anything else then during all the waiting…Yep going to get entertainment then for the rest of cheering crowd then.They do have the nicest gift store I have seen,hope the food is good there too,lol…Thanks Brian, Pat

Hi Pat and Brettany
Music is good! Both times I had my husband and sister with me so we did alot of talking. I was there for a very long time waiting so after the hours were up from laying flat from angio they aloud me to walk the hallway with my husband once in a while. I am not one to lay for a long time. I wish I thought of someone pinching me before the screws were done. The first time it was numb but the second one area was not. I also brought a book and some crossword puzzles. My prayers and thoughts are with both of you and I hope all goes well.

Take Care
Lee Ann

you and your family is in my prayers,please keep up posted to how it all goes,God bless your family,Caroline

Hi Pat and Brittany,

My wife and I would like to wish you guys smooth sailings through the gamma knife treatment, our thoughts and prayers are with both of you. :slight_smile:

It WAS ALOT of waiting. You know what actually helped me a lot was talking to other people that were in the waiting room. I was lucky that day, I ended up sitting next to a gentleman in the waiting room who was also there waiting while his wife was getting a gamma knife radiation treatment ( I kinda overheard him talking to other people, I think relatives??) and I told him that my wife just had the frame put on her and we just started talking from there. It made the day go by so much faster to have someone to talk to. I was just nervous the moment we got to the hospital and just having someone to talk to and to share our experiences with really helped!

Good luck today!!

Thank you Caroline for your prayers as well,for the whole family…I know sometimes it is hard to remember that others are effected seeing their sister going through all of this,and heck I have totally put myself on the back burner.Prayers are always so welcomed!!! Thank You…

I like the positive approach,I will have to try and not be mom for a while…I do think I make my daugher nervous,but it is usually because there is something to be nervous about,lol…I am sure this will all go smoothly,I just pray that after will go just as smooth with no scar tissue and other problems.Thanks again for the prayers,I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people praying and understanding!!!

Hi and thank you… Yes I thinking talking is good,lol She will have lots of people to talk too,there is only one other lady that will be getting treatment that day,so she will have no choice but to talk,LOL The last time Britt went and had an angio done,she talked to the nurses the whole time and they came out saying “Umm we did have a problem with Brittany…” Okay that was NOT the way to come right out of an already hour late surgery and tell me…But she was just saying that Britt talked so much and was so interested in everything that it made the time go by so fast.They felt they didn’t even work that day,but just had pleasent conversations.
I guess we will have to see how drugged up she is

My 18yr old son had his gamma on July 2 so I know your worries. We found that there is very little you can do while lying flat on your back with the frame on after the angiogram. My son listened to his MP3 which we had loaded up with music, the whole time and then the nurses hooked it up to the speakers while he was in the Gamma machine and he said it really helped.
I had brought a few little snacks but he was not that hungry. I would bring a towel to roll up and put under her head at the back in case the nurses don’t do that for you.
I am SO glad she is getting some drugs! I kept saying to my son- SAY YES to any drugs they offer you!
He says the worst part is having the freezing for the screws so if she can have any drugs for this part, it would be great. He didn’t.
The BEST thing we brought that day was a TON of family who waited with us! It wasn’t pre planned-they all just showed up for support and we brought them in one at a time to have a quick visit with our son and he really appreciated it. It is a long day. I couldn’t read or do anything. I just sat with my son and talked to him or talked to my family.
We also planned a special meal to have when we got home that my son looked forward to.
I would say also to bring a comfy blanket. Our hospital was freezing and we were so tired that we felt cold all day. Buy her something really soft to hold onto. I wish I had done that.
She will be in my thoughts and you too.