Events near NJ

Hey guys do we have any events near New Jersey i would like to support and do something to help the cause and maybe share stories and experiences with people

I do not know of any…I will call my doctor’s office and find out if he knows of any… will let you know if so.

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Thank you appreciate that :slight_smile:

i know there is an avm support group in lawrenceville, but i don’t know the details since it is too far for me. i think it’s at st. lawrence rehab. in north jersey. are you north or south?

I am in north jersey North Arlington but place is still an hour away but i would def like to make a trip once or twice a month

brain-aneurysm-rwj-2018.pdf (127.8 KB)

Hi Andrew,

RWJH in New Brunswick has quarterly meeting where patients/physicians/HCPs meet to talk about AVM. Give it a try. I hope you find it helpful and informative.


Here is additional information: (294.4 KB)


This is all great info, so I’ve moved it to the North East AVM Survivor regional group. If you think it would be better elsewhere, let me know.

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I found the New Brunswick one as well…


Hi, my name is Brandon and I live in NYC. I would love to get together with any fellow AVM’ers as I don’t have any friends who also have AVM. Oh really know any others for that matter. I am willing to take a field trip within a reasonable distance to New Jersey to meet up or if you are interested in coming to New York that would be awesome.


Welcome to AVMsurvivors! It’s great you found us and I hope you’re doing ok.

We do sometimes have regional get togethers (@corrine has organised a few in the UK in recent years) and it is good to be able to meet real people as well as chat on here. I hope you get a bunch of New Yorkers and others that you might all get together.

I’ve removed your email address from your post because this place is searched by Google, Bing and all of the other search engines and so it would give the whole world access to your inbox. What I suggest is that you gather willing AVMers in this thread and then move to a private message to coordinate being able to meet up without similarly being liable to outsiders interrupting, disrupting etc.

Best wishes,


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