Gamma knife or Cyberknife?

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I am from Greece and I am 53 years old. I don’t speak English very well. I am sorry about this. I have diagnosed last month ago, after only headaches, with left frontal AVM 3,1 cm grade 3, Lawton Young Supplement 7 grade, near the speech area of the brain.
Also I had AND breast cancer 5 years ago.
Barrow second opinion told me to do gamma knife but here in Greece tells me to do cyberknife l. Do anyone knows differences between gamma knife and cyberknife?

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It is great that you found us and a pleasure to help you. By the way, never apologise for your English because it is better than my Greek by many thousands of words!

My understanding of gamma knife versus cyber knife is the method used to deliver the radiotherapy: principally, the targeting method. We have a couple of older articles from former members that I will share with you. These members are likely not active on the forum these days.

This article talks about gamma versus cyber. If there is anything you don’t understand about it, please ask. Gamma Knife vs Cyber-Knife My two dimes worth

It references a more general article about radiotherapy though I don’t think that helps to distinguish between gamma v cyber. Photons vs Protons, What´s the difference?

I hope these references help,

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Hello in Greece! I had both options and I chose Gamma Knife.

I highly recommend that you talk with both of your doctors and ask both of them why they are choosing one over the other and which one may be better for you. Is it because that is what they have access to? Or is that because it is the best approach for you? I can share my experience. I live in the United States. I met with three neurosurgeons (at three different hospitals) to discuss treatment of my AVM. One dr recommended cyber knife and 2 doctors recommended Gamma Knife. What I learned is that the doctor recommending Cyber Knife likely recommended it because that was the only option available at the hosptial where he works. That hosptial did not have a gamma knife machine.

It’s my understanding that gamma Knife can use a more targeted and perhaps more accurate approach to a precise location. Because Of the location and characteristics of my AVM, that was an important factor. I chose to have Gamma Knife. Please speak to your doctors and maybe heard for a third opinion. Ask each doctor what the pros and cons are of cyber knife vs gamma knife. That’s what I did and what I’ve learned is each doctor will have their own experiences they can share. Then with that info you can make The best decision for you. Good luck with your journey.

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I have already second opinion Barrow and they said gamma knife. Thank you for your help

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I did already all that you said and ihave a second opinion Barrow and they said gamma knife. I choose Gamma knife. When did you have GK? How are you now? Thank you for your help

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