I am very sorry and upset at the same time!

To day I received a letter from a member, no name I will give ,and it stated that this site was not a term of endearment and that this person had to reply to me and one other that we fill this site with inane fatuous chatter, as well that I post unrelated material that has nothing to do with anything and inaccurate advise when I do give it. This really hurt me alot, If ever I said anything to hurt or give wrong advise I am more then sorry, all I try to do is post my side as we all do, and to hope to make a few friends that I can talk with. The subject of this letter was posted : pommy arshole , very sad to see that. Anyways, just to make it clear, if I said anything at all to hurt any of you or send you in the wrong directions about anything at all, I am truely sorry, I was only posting positive things, people need to smile, and If I can say something that will make them smile I will. Take Care all…Caroline

Caroline, I cannot speak for everyone of course, but you have never hurt me, and I have always appreciated your advice. I am sorry for the letter you received. Please notify ben. No one should be hurtful to you. Take care. (hugs) Jo

That’s horrible! I am so sorry that someone did that! Really, you should alert Ben Munoz, the site administrator. Anyone who is sending such inappropriate, hateful and cruel messages to members should be removed from the site!

To whoever wrote the message: This is a networking and support site-a place for members to share their thoughts and feelings–all of which are valid. You are free to disagree with the perspectives of others, and if you feel compelled to speak up about it, do so in a constructive and mature fashion. If you feel your advice is better than the next persons, by all means, offer it! It is not for you to judge others or their experiences. We are all going through a difficult time–that’s why we are here, NO ONE here should be adding to a member’s burden by acting like a bully! If you think that some one is offering poor advice, and this bothers you because it could have hurtful effects, what do you think the effect of sending a hateful message is?

PLEASE–Everyone remember, we are here to SUPPORT each other! You don’t need to be “friends” with every member, but please be respectful. This is the first time I have heard about anything like this happening here, I hope it’s the last.

Caroline, I am so sorry that someone hurt you this way! We often talk about subjects unrelated to our AVMs…we’re family and we talk about our lives. I can’t think why anyone woud be offended by you…he/she must be offended by most of us then! lol

I just got the same letter! And it said my name and another’s, not Caroline’s. As the author is a very nice person to me normally, I can’t believe that he wrote this, Caroline!

Oh just say who wrote it!

I hope I get one, too, so I can see who sent it!
Does it look like it might be from a virus?

Well, since that person seems to have disappeared fro the site before explaining himself…it was Peter.


That is UNACCEPTABLE behavior for a support site!

Bizarre! Sorry that this happened to the two of you --I’m sure if he did it to you both, there will be more people finding these messages as well. Hopefully he will find a less “inane” group of friends, but I am delighted to stay here and “chatter”!

I’m with Marilyn, hope he finds a group as intellectually stimulating as himself.

That’s lame. Don’t let him get you down, Caroline! Your comments and thoughts are always welcome!

I copied and pasted my reply…take in mind, this was a man who said my scar looks good and perhaps wanted to wear his like I do mine… As for Stacey- don’t worry about it—(Peter, don’t come back, trust me; IT IS NOT WISE FOR YOU…YOU MESSED WITH THE LADIES).

Regis (my reply below…)

Peter, I don’t know you well enough- and if I did I still would call you ANY NAMES. As for what advice I stated or not, it is from MY PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE.

Sometimes people want to discuss other stuff, other than AVMs. Peter, I’ve been AVM free for 11 years, I think I know what went through my head as I was in those difficult times. I just want to shine light at those had just had their AVMs removed- if you don’t get it, always remember I said “they’re life after an AVM”


On May 16, 2008 at 10:33 AM, Peter wrote:
>That is not a term of endearment. I had composed a
>reply to you which I will not repeat. I only came
>back to this site to reply to your message.
>Interesting that the only adverse comments were
>from you and Stacey, who fill this site with your
>inane fatuous chatter. I think it is better to
>post unrelated material then inaccurate advise as
>you have done.

I’ve never sent him a message…he hit the ‘Send message to friends’ icon. Did he had a problem with you, Liam? Damn, out of all people- Liam, I think you contribute THE MOST (190 discussions!!).

Take care, Regis

yep thats the letter, he sent it to my email on here and my yahoo mailbox as well, I can only hope that its the last one he sends out.

You have nothing to apologize for! I don’t think the issue is negative posts–there are definitely negative aspects to having AVM! This is a good place to talk about them! I guess the issue with Peter was a thread he started that was critical about other members. When reminded that it was not a nice thing to do, he flipped out. You are wonderful, Jeff! We all love you!

Oh, Jeff, you didn’t need to delete your thoughts! When you told us about your problems, you helped othweers to be more aware that doctors can screw up too…and there was nothing wrong with telling us that!