After my lastest siezure my Nuerologist wants to try me with 1000mg of Keppra as well as my 500mg of Llamotragine.
I have heard some bad reports about Keppra, how it makes some people more bad tempered, agressive etc.
I hate people blocking me in the supermarket now so hate to think what I would be like without a bit of patience, it is just as well i can’t drive any more

Any comments about these side effects will be welcome. Thanks

Kevin have you researched the “drugs” ? Have you discussed your concerns with the neuros and pharmacists ??
Every human bodies anatomy and physiology is similar and as different as night and day…Generalities are what we “go” on until we find our “balance” , yes? Reseaech, discuss and do what is BEST for you. I noticed that several of the name brand “drug” sites contain feed-back from those who are on and have been on regimes containing those meds.

Kevin for me being on 1500 mg 2 times a day the only side effects I have is my hair falling out. I think at first I had some problems with my temper…but of course I started the meds right after my first brain surgery so who knows what it was from. One thing for sure is that at first it makes you pretty tired but within a couple weeks of taking it I got used to it. I love being on keppra…have tried SEVERAL others to help with my seizures and have noticed that for “me” keppra works the best. I hope this info has helped you some. Good luck with everything and take care.

Hi there, I[m taking Keppra 200 mg at day and it helps me a lot besides Trileptal. And I never felt sides efects but sometimes dizzy.
I[m new here.

Sorry I[m taking 2 gr. not mg.

I’ve been on Keppra for 3 years - have no problem with it

Hi Stacey Thanks for your advice, When I start on it I will see if I have any side effects then decide to carry on. I think my neuro wants to reduce the risk of partial sz because thats the last sz I had but I think it was too much alcohol myself, will wait and see

stacey said:

Hi Kevin, i am on 2000mg, 600mg dilantin and 200mg lamictal per day, the keppra was not good for me when i started it, ferral mood swings and depression, and still had partial seizures, my neuro wanted to increase the dose of keppra to stop the partials but decided against it due to the side effects so started me on lamictal as well and will be easing me off the keppra soon.
All medication has different effects on different people and i think also it is trial and error to see how they go, but what doesn’t work for one person, might very well work for you, all you can do is talk to your neuro about it and be aware of changes in your temperment or condition
all the best with it mate

I as on Dilantin for a little over a year before being switched to 3,000mg of Keppra. I am now down to 2,000mg of Keppra and have been for about a year. I did start out with some pretty negative side-effects from the Keppra, mostly lethargy and exhaustion, though I was pretty darn cranky for a while. Sometimes I wonder if the mood is direcly from the Keppra or if it was due to always being so tired. It still leaves me a bit lethargic, but it’s not that bad. When I compare it to the side effects of Dilantin, I’d MUCH rather be on the Keppra.

I just switched to Keppra from Depakote about 4 months ago and am taking 1000mg a day. As far as I’m concerned, Keppra has been the best decision I’ve made. The first week or so I was tired and sometimes depressed, but that all went away after my body adjusted. Now, no problems at all and my EEG cleared up completely. When I discussed the mood side effects with my doc he said they are not very common and tend to occur in people with personality or mood disorders who are already having problems.
I hope it works out for you!

I had a ruff time on Keppra major mood swing

When my husband was first on Keppra he had major mood swing to. there are like 15-20 side affects from this med. he takes the generic to the keppra now.

Gordon D said:

I had a ruff time on Keppra major mood swing

I had suicidal tendancy! One time I was in the shower and it came over me I just grabed a towel and whent out side and sit in a lawn chair till they passed. I bet the neighbors… well I was wearing a towel Don’t look Ethel lol

Why are you not able to drive?

I’ve been on keppra for years. It controls my seizures which is the main thing, as I had very severe ones. As for side effects, my friends have got used to me being grumpy, I’ve learnt to notice when I’m grumpy. It’s a price I’ve had to pay (being grumpy) for my epilepsy to be stable, and that, not any side effects, is the most important thing for me. And stuff like yoga and lots of exercise can dissipate any grumpiness fast.

good luck

My daughter was on Keppra for a few days and she was unrecognizable. Normally a sweet, shy, even tempered 6 year old turned angry, violent and aggressive. She had to go on a 5 week weaning schedule for only 2 days on this medication. It was awful but as soon as they got it to a very low dose the personality changes went away.

i have been on 3 different seizure meds and i like keppra the best. I do have a very low tolerance but that could be due to a lot of things. I could take after my father (he has a poor attitude) the location of my avm (left temporal lobe) or the keppra. And finally just the fact that my life has changed in many ways that i don;t like. I wish you best of luck on keppra. I take 1000mg a day, i still get tired but who doesn’t right! :slight_smile:

Im on lamictal 300mg a day…I was on dilantin 300mg a day I was feeling bad with headaches and dizzines…So the doctor changed my meds to lamictal 300mg…Anywas my md had mentioned that I can do anything little but little I had the craniotomy done on april and by may I was driving and I had a car accident…So im afraid to drive…Since the accident…
THank and good luck with your meds…God bless…

Every drug affects everyone differently. I have been on Keppra 500 mg for 3 months. I am a little bad-tempered but think its more from my job than the medication. Besides that I have not had any side effects except fatigue and weakness. That might be more from the craniotomy than the medication…not sure.

Hi Kevin,

I found after a few weeks it’s been really good on me. I do try to eat really healthy, exercise, and try to be grateful more, since the seizure happened when I was stressed and not sleeping well. I take B vitamins (B complex), and I think it somehow helps with the keppra since i really craved veggies the first few weeks and didn’t after switching to a good B vitamin mix). I had lots of stress and have used it to make some good positive changes in my life. Hope it all works well for you.

good luck!

I am currently on 1500 mg of Keppra and have been for the past month. I am more irritable and lack the patience I had, I was much too patient anyway, LOL. Seriously, I am hoping my mood adjust after my body gets adjusted to the medication. I believe that is most likely the case with any medication. I have never been one that liked taking medication to begin with, so that is an adjustment in itself. Good Luck to you.~