2 of my favorite vices are caffeine and alcohol both in moderation!! Post-AVM with all this sleepiness it is the Caffeine I crave the most... Can anyone tell me which Lobe these 2 partners in crime light up?? I just want to keep tabs on which parts of my brain are talking to me and which parts are still 'clocked- out'
Thank you, if not I can always call my neurologist-- I'm sure he's got nothing better to do!
:) Nicole are so funny...I asked my neuro guy if I could still drink wine and he said I could but I probably would get drunk on one glass...Boy was he wrong...I don't drink very often, but I still can drink as much as I did before my AVM...As for caffeine, I drink decaf because regular coffee makes me have anxiety!

Hey Nicole,
We share the same vices...the coffee thing comes from my dad he drinks it like water. Funny right after the surgery (ok a long time ago) I wouldn't drink coffee... maybe the frequent throwing up had something to do with that. Now I drink one cup in the morning (yes, I'm drinking one now). But contrary to everything I heard, I guess the caffeine doesn't effect me like the others (ok, my breath, but it always effected that). Weird. I even had a cup right before bed (against all advice) and slept like a baby. Alcohol... well I guess it's an age thing...I used to be able to drink others under the table in my 20's but I'm a cheap drunk now. But I don't think the surgery changed anything in that regard. As far as the brain, no I can't tell you that sorry. Better call your Best of luck with this. Vices are serious things!

Funny for me too. After I started drinking alcohol again after recovery (as soon as I possibly could, b the way) I could drink a whole lot and not feel it at all. Of course I would remember nothing the next day. Part of that was the brain damage, part was the alcohol. I drink one cup of coffee in the morning and usually at least one glass of wine or beer in the evenings. Not gonna lie, though, on weekends I'll indulge a bit more in the alcohol department. Never usually more than 3-4 drinks. It still takes a lot to get me drunk but the memory problem is much better as long as I keep it to one bottle of wine. Have no idea what part of the brain controls what, but I do like my wine!

Love mine too, Trish:)

Thanks ladies! Now I feel a (little) more normal, Although my family refers to me as a lush, because if I don't get my 'nightly' glass of wine I complain 'rather loudly' but they are in fact trying harder to turn a deaf ear... which I appreciate, as long as there's wine in the house!


Relax Nicole. My sister does the same when she doesn't get her wine... We all love to drink. :) Now if you drink all day... Well let's not go there. Take care and hope you're doing well today. Oh and I'm glad you qualified that normal statement... I was beginning to worry ;)

Hey Nicole - I used to be quite the partier and drinker and smoker - now, it just makes me lose site of what I want to do (don't need any help in that department) and encourages me to pee more - pretty much a drag. Same thing with coffee - although I have about 1 cup every morning, I have to be near a bathroom since that seems to shoot right through me much for the old Fun Julie! Same with water or pretty much anything that I drink - this is more of a recent (2 yearish) thing - hopefully, the bad joke will pass.

Apparently we all now know Jim's Vice may be Voyerism! That's ok, its all good clean fun here on the Survivor site!!