Welcome New Members! -- mid Mar

Hello everyone! I am excited to see the influx of both positive and supportive discussions this month. I hope everyone is doing well and receiving ample support from one another. I would like to take some time to welcome and introduce our newest members.

@JC6 is from Maryland, U.S. They were diagnosed with a Spetzler Martin Grade 4 AVM on the right, cerebral frontal area, following what appeared to be a mini stroke at work. JC6 has undergone treatment via Kepra and two sessions of cyber knife radiation.

@AthenaT is from South Australia and is the relative of an AVM patient. Her 13 year old nephew was diagnosed back in 2020 at only 10 years old. It has been determined by his doctors that surgery is too risky given the location of his AVM, but he struggles with pain and the potential of a rupture. I believe our AVM community can help AthenaT to better understand the options available for her nephew and provide support during this challenging time.

@Baranaydo1 is from Nevada, U.S. and is the relative of an AVM patient. Her son was recently diagnosed with AVM and will be undergoing surgery. She is asking for support and advice on what she may anticipate throughout this process. I hope our members are able to provide support, comfort, and hope to her, as she supports her son through his AVM journey.

@sophiealice is from the Isle of Man, United Kingdom and a newly diagnosed patient with a UVAM.

@Bella is from Ontario, Canada and is the relative of an AVM patient. The patient had a stroke due to AVM rupture. They are awaiting treatment due to the complicated nature of the AVM, and has had three MRI, two angiograms, and is currently waiting for further angio to assess possible treatment.

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