Who went/goes to Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimor, MD)?

If you can recomend a good neurologist there that would be great!

OR maybe someone from Washington DC

Doctor Judy Huang, I m still in the wating process of 2 years after the gamma knife, but Dr. Huang have been amazing she is so compation and worry, let me know any question,…Good luck Gina

Hi Gina,
Thank you for reply!!!
Did you meen JH hospital?

We love our sons doctors at hopkins. His neurologist only sees children. However, his vascular specialist is Raphael Tomargo and he sees adults and children. I would recommend trying to start by seeing him. He is Great!!!

I highly recommend Daniele Rigamonti at Johns Hopkins. He was my mother’s NS when she had an AVM bleed back in the late '90’s which was treated both by embolization and gamma knife. Good Luck to you!

Hi, I would like to recomend Dr. Larry Blum, he is in Annapolis. He is a neurologist. As for a Neurosurgeon, it would be my hero Dr. Clifford T. Solomon. he has an office in Annapolis, and one in North Arundel or what is now Baltimore/Washington Medical Center

I’ll forward you the information from a friend that went over there for another situation. Hopkins is good, but isn’t great. I know I know best hospital blah blah. I’m a UMB fan myself.

I went to the Washington Hospital center and saw Dr, Vance Watson. He is a Neuroradiologist, he did my embolization. He is very good, I was told that he is the first to use Onyx. Good luck.