i am currently on 1400mgs of tegrotol…it seems to be controlling grand mal seizures…but often throughout the day…i go into a staring mode and often forget what i am doing…my neurologist…believes that i am having absent seizures…and would like to change my tegrotol to keepra as it treats absent siezures well…but i am not sure?? after he told me that it can cause depression…is anyone here taking keppra? and do you have any side effects? any comments would be greatly appreciated

I take 2,000mg of keppra a day and i LOVE IT! I have absent seizures a lot and that is why they decided to put me on it. I was on dilantin and was actually glad for the switch because that one made me out of it and i had a lot of trouble with normal thoughts and etc.
I honestly wouldn’t (in my case) ever let them take me off of keppra to go on another medicine. It is perfect for me…but might not be for everyone. I do NOT suffer with depression at all and never have…but then again I guess it also depends on the person. If you have had depression in the past, just talk that over with your doctor.

After I had an absense seizure my nuerologist suggested I take a small dose of Keppra as well as my 500mg Lamical, but I too have read some bad reports about side effects to start with but this only affects some people. As I have not had another since New Years day, I am not in any hurry to try it.
I have an Angio booked for next Wednesday so don’t want to change meds till I get results from that.
It is a balance of possible side effects or the seizures? Maybe start on a low dose and see what happens?

I started a discussion last month “Kepprage” if you want to have a look

thankyou all for your comments…what you are explaning stacey is exactly what i am scared of…the nuero says the only way i will know how it will effect me is to try it…but i just don’t know weather to take the risk as i have suffered depression in the past and i am on such a good wicket at the moment very positive…and i am scared keppra will set me back and i am doing so well in my recovery its just not worth it…he has upped the tegrotol so hopefully i wont need the keepra…i have a month to see how i go…fingers crossed…thanks again everyone…i just don’t know what i would do without you all xxxxx