Pulmonary AVMs and pregnancy

In 2004, when I was 17, I was diagnosed with a pulmonary AVM, which was embolized shortly after my diagnosis. Since then, I have had no issues and no recurrence. I am now 23 years old, and my husband and I hope to start trying to have a baby very soon, but I am concerned that my previous condition could have an adverse effect on my pregnancy. I’m having trouble finding information about this because it’s just not a familiar condition to so many doctors, and we no longer live near the doctor who originally treated me. Has anyone else had an embolized AVM and had to deal with a similar issue?

Hi Ashton My avm is in my brain and I have had 2 embolizations and gamma knife. I currently I’m not “allowed” i guess you could say to get pregnant right now. B/c of the increased blood pressure and delivery and so many reasons. It would put me at a high risk. But there have been woman on the site that have had children after being told not to. And they have been fine. Not to say that will always be the outcome. So you still have your avm? Where is it located? I had my son before we knew about my avm. And looking back my pregnancy wasn’t easy per say. And my symptoms got worse after having him. We thank god everyday that my son and I made it though with the avm being there. Go back and speak with the Dr. who originally treated you. Good luck to you and i hope you get some answers.