Can stress and intense frustration lead to bleeds?

I'm not sure about leading to bleeds, but when I'm irritated with someone or frustrated or stressed, I exercise within my means and clean...I have a very tidy place!

As far as I know: stress can cause a higher bloodpressure. Just as working out, doing other things that are strenuous activities (coming back to your other discussion ;)) Higher bloodpressure isn't very good, and I think it could cause a bleed. But my doctor never told me to stop working out or anything (I already stress out and did sport activities for 13 years long with my avm) But you should avoid to much stress because it's never a good thing.

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I think its kind of more related to blood pressure-- which of course can be raised by those emotions! And bleed only from an AVM already present from birth-- I mean emotions can't grow an AVM -- Like my Neuro surgeon says ** "TICKING-TIME-BOMB**" iT WILL RUPTURE EVENTUALLY! Just a matter of time until something sets it off!

My Neurosurgeon/Doctors said they have no relation. I still question it, though. Around the time of my bleed I know was under quite a bit of stress.

I agree with Melissa....I was adviced not to let my blood pressure to by high...Stress and frustration can increased your blood pressure....I was advice for my neurologist to take it easy on my daily life... not to put my body on any stress this can cause my blood pressure to by high and can cause me another avm bleed....I dont go to to the gym, no driven, dont work, no school...According to my neurologist all this can cause me stress and I guess frustration too (high blood pressure)....He said to stop all this Until my avm is gone...Good luck my fiend and enjoy life...God bless...

Alright thanks , and thanks Everyone..I think Im just going to avoid hi heart rate situations until I have my surgery then :)

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I, too, was told all around that no outside effectors can cause an AVM rupture- including stress of any form. Yet my AVM bled for the first time when I was under extreme pressure- end of finals time, tough times with my boyfriend and family. And now that my AVM has been embolized several times and I am 7 months post GK, when I am under alot of pressure my head hurts in the area of my AVM and the pain can set in for a few days at a time... Who knows....

Correction, our Doctor who is one of the leading AVM Doctor says high BP is a major factor in another bleed. It stands to reason if the BP is high ,more pressure on the veins,

I just wanted to add something to my comment: There are people who have bleeds when they are sleeping, taking a shower, or walk trough the park. It can occure any moment.

But still: a higher blood pressure is not good, especially in combination with AVM/CM's.
However, I am a little bit surprised about the fact that every doctor gives an completly other advice about what you should and shouldn't do when the AVM is still active.