MRI and Dr appt results 4/16

So today I went for my yearly mri and it has been 3 yrs since my avm journey started. In this 3 yrs i had 2 embolizations and gamma (all in '07) and finally have received good news!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have my avm BUT the nidus is half the size it was last year!!!!! So the 3rd yr of the radiation did the best work. And we are going to wait 6 months and see what changes happen. Either it will stay the same or shrink some more. So even though i'm still waiting its the best news we have received in a very long time!!! So now my next mri and appt will be october 18th. Its just awesome to know we are closing in on the end here! So possible gamma knife in 6 months or some more waiting all depends on what the mri in october shows. I'm so happy with this news I had to share with my entire avm family. Hugs and wishes to all :)


Wonderful news!!! I know the waiting for you gamma’s is so hard…wondering if it is shrinking. But what encoraging news to have a 50% reduction :slight_smile: awesome! The next six months will both take forever and prob go by in a flash.
Yay! Shalon

great news that must be the most wonderful feeling heres hoping the very best for you

Great new and you give us all hope! Patience and faith has paid off… Bless you and xoxoxo Mare

thats great news!!!

thanks for reading my post!! I hope it does show avmer’s that the radiation can start it kick butt at the end lol. I’m still floating on a cloud from the good news :slight_smile: